About Milk Punch


If I were a cocktail.

Launched the last day of spring 2019, Milk Punch Media is 1 part shared lifestyle blog, 1 part digital media company. Add an ounce of imbibing and restaurant-hopping in our favorite city, New Orleans, and a dash of shopping each time we launch a collaborative collection—and stir.

Milk Punch is boozy but complex and balanced. Our mission is to drink and eat better while also taking care of our health. Living life boldly, we will also peek inside creative spaces and meet the makers and tastemakers behind cool modern lifestyle brands.

Milk Punch publishes original content for modern, informed women thirsty for knowledge. No more Pinterest cocktail fails or Yelp reviews. No click bait. In a noisy online media world, those who want to listen will hear us roar.

Be the champagne you wish to see in the world.

Meet our Contributors.
We are health and beauty bloggers, cocktail enthusiasts, foodies and travel and lifestyle content junkies.