What to eat for superhuman powers

We asked Germaine, resident health blogger at Milk Punch Media, to narrow down 10 of her favorite superfoods in 2019 so we can feel “nourished and empowered,” too!


We’ve heard of their superpowers, but berries really do pack a stellar punch of antioxidants, protect against cancer and help the body detox carcinogens, especially the wild varieties.


Beets are so concentrated nutritionally that many vitamins are derived from them. They’re good for liver protection and stimulation of bile production and an excellent source of vegetable-based carbs.


Extremely high in chlorophyll, spirulina has been touted for its wonder powers to pull out heavy metals from the body and boost the immune system. It can increase the amount of fat burned during exercise and is high in protein. Some believe it’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.


Broccoli helps support liver detoxification, is packed with sulphur and is anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown broccoli to be a wonder food in breast health for women. Broccoli sprouts are even better if you can find them.


These guys are power protectors against heart disease and cancer and help provide estrogen support. Pomegranates are also extremely beneficial in gut health.

6Bone broth

Rich in amino acids that help support the immune system, bone broth heals the gut lining, and proves to be instrumental in supporting hair and skin health as well as healthy joints.


Just one tablespoon of this fermented treat is said to be more powerful than taking a probiotic. Sauerkraut is a game changer for overall gut health and can help restore balance to the gut by populating it with more of the “good guys,” helping to rebuild digestive health. It’s best to eat with rich and fatty foods because it stimulates acid production, which releases bile, which then helps break down fats in the diet.


The antioxidant score of chocolate when raw and unprocessed ranks as one of the highest on the ORAC scale, which measures antioxidant values in food. It can improve blood flow and relax your arteries, making you feel relaxed too. It’s important to choose clean versions with minimal sugar and additives like dairy and soy. Choose 70 percent or higher cacao for the maximum benefit.
editor’s pick: Sweetened with natural stevia, Lily’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and other flavors are amazing!


Avocados are an excellent source of fiber and fat—my go-to afternoon  snack if I need some fuel. Simply season with salt and pepper and maybe a little lemon juice and you’re good to go for hours.

10Grass-fed butter

IMO, grass-fed butter is the queen of fats! She is loaded with Vitamins A, D and K2 and will not cause oxidation in the body like other man-made conventional oils—your food taste better with it, too.