Say goodbye to benzene!

Seriously, have you ever thought about the pollutants in the air inside your own home? You probably don’t want to, but you totally should.

Studies have shown that the air in our homes can contain traces of formaldehyde, benzene and xylene—yikes!

Sounds scary, but it’s all a byproduct of common things like nail polish remover, the furniture wood or leather in your home, cleaning products and so much more. The same study shows that those pollutants can be linked to ailments such as headaches, respiratory problems and increased risks of cancer.

That is some pretty horrifying stuff, but I’m happy to say that you can take a deep (purified-air) breath and combat those pollutants by adding some green goodness to your home in the form of houseplants.

Here, my fave indoor plants along with their specific benefits.

For best results, account for roughly 1 plant per 100 square feet.

Happy planting, friends!


1 The Areca Palm

Ready to Party When NASA conducted a Clean Air Study on houseplant benefits, the Areca Palm topped the list. It’s ideal for a larger space, but the size is totally worth the benefit in any room. It is the most powerful known air-purifying plant and does an amazing job cleaning formaldehyde from the air.


The Sleep Aid You know, the one that has all the evil-sounding names: mother-in-law’s tongue, devil’s tongue, snake plant—you get the picture. If you’re a houseplant virgin, Sansevieria is your girl as it’s hard to kill and doesn’t need much light. It likes working the night shift so add one to the bedroom and enjoy the benefits of purified oxygen while you sleep.

3Peace Lily

Serenity I also call the peace lily the funeral plant, but don’t let that deter you from getting one, as it has multiple benefits. Not only does it purify the air, it also helps with mold, which means it can be useful in places like the bathroom. It doesn’t need much light and it will wilt when it’s ready for some water.

4Boston Fern

Style and Grace This classic and fluffy beauty can purify several different toxins in the air but my fave part: it produces water vapor which helps moisturize your air and combats that awful winter dryness. Give this graceful beauty indirect light and mist weekly.

5Golden Pothos

The OG If you have a shelf, add this gem to your collection. I like the variegated look of the leaves and it is the hardest. plant. to. kill. Seriously, it loves neglect. I met someone that had inherited their mother’s from the ’60s. Pretty impressive.

6Aloe Plant

The Healer One of the coolest plants out there! Not only can aloe soothe away a burn, it has a built-in toxin monitor. If you start to notice brown spots on the leaves, it means there are harmful amounts of benzene present. Give this healer bright light—a kitchen window sink would be a great spot!

Sansevieria likes working the night shift so add one to the bedroom and enjoy the benefits of purified oxygen while you sleep.