A cookie in each hand is OK, as long as the ingredients list is clean. Better yet, make that a roasted beet salad in one hand and a great glass of rosé bubbly in the other!

As a certified Health Coach, my personal philosophy isn’t to suffer and “make myself” eat carrot sticks and celery all day long in the name of health. It’s about finding out what works for me and giving that to myself ninety percent of the time, in a fun and delicious way.

When I can’t control my plate, I don’t sweat it or beat myself up. Instead, I enjoy every single bite and sip, knowing that because I’m laying the proper health foundation when I can control my meals, the one celebratory meal won’t take the toll on my overall health goals.

I started my health journey a few years ago because of unexplained health issues. I wanted to find out what foods and lifestyle choices worked for me or didn’t and how I could live my healthiest and happiest life.

Along the way, I learned much about how food can heal our bodies.

I became so enamored with how powerful food can be that I went back to school and became a health coach. My strategy started with finding out if I had any food allergies or sensitivities that could have been interfering with my digestion and causing a lot of internal inflammation.

And I did. It was soy.

Eating this way 90 percent of the time allows me to enjoy myself when out at a restaurant—and to have that glass of bubbly with it!

I then began the work of getting my gut as healthy as possible. When I was first figuring out my food triggers, I had to take a lot off my plate. Literally. I did an elimination diet to get to the root source.

Then came the fun part: thinking of the foods I have always loved and can’t live without and recreating those with healthier ingredients.

I believe you can have almost anything you want if you learn how to cook it with healthier ingredients. That’s how I’ve found my balance and regained my health, and I never feel deprived or that I’m missing out.

Eating this way 90 percent of the time allows me to enjoy myself when I am out at a restaurant or celebrating with friends (as long as it doesn’t contain soy). And to also have that glass of really great bubbly with it!

We all know the old adage about moderation—and it’s true, but allow me to repeat: it’s about controlling your diet choices 90 percent of the time.

What you then have is a life well lived in balance and one where you feel healthy and happy, at your ideal weight, full of energy, and have a sense a well-being.

You’re are also paying it forward—to feel just as healthy and happy as you get older, and disease free!

I genuinely believe that the meal choices we make today will show up later in life, so feed yourself well and wisely.

Then open that bottle of bubbly!