Jennifer Schmidt/

A cruciferous vegetable that we trick ourselves into thinking is a starch? Wahoo!

Mashed cauliflower has come a looooong way since the early ’00s Sugar Busters Diet.

This cauliflower mash is as good as full-fat mashed potatoes, but here’s why it’s a suppertime side dish gamechanger as far as healthful benefits:

Greek yogurt is the “sour cream” that adds a little protein and probiotics for gut health with other nutrients.

The buttery taste is avocado oil—and that’s a guilt-free good fat!

 Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower help support detoxification  pathways to the liver! Plus there’s skin-loving Vitamin C and may be a cancer preventer.

There’s still cheese! Parmesan is a good source of Calcium and other vitamins such as B12.

And you know what pairs beautifully with salty Parm, right?

Napa Cabernet. Perfection.