We hacked a Deep South party classic, the retro CHEESE BALL, and turned it to a healthier, skin-glowing Caribbean dream. 

The West Indies Cheese Ball!

A summer party classic, particularly in the Heart of the Delta: Belzoni, Mississippi. We took caterer Alison Wade’s flavorful and exotic coconut and curry cheese ball and made just a few simple swaps. Although tempted, we didn’t touch the mango chutney. Sugar, yes, but it’s minimal and opening a jar of gingery goodness is just too easy for summertime entertaining.

Pool party dips starting to weigh you down?

Here, we make the case for this 2019 Cheese Ball’s health benefits.

Curry powder Actually a blend of spices, curry powder’s star ingredient in the superfood universe is turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to the curcumin. That means cancer prevention. It’s also widely studied for its effects on Alzheimer’s disease.
Top 3 Reasons to Use Turmeric by Dr. Andrew Weil 

Greek yogurt While cottage cheese in the original recipe rivals Greek yogurt for about the same amount of calcium, protein and calories, yogurt is just easier on the stomach. Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics, the good bacteria, and just as creamy!

Cashews Nuts and seeds contain the good fats and are rich in Vitamin E and that means healthy skin. Antioxidants fight free radicals to prevent wrinkles!

Cheers to party food with a purpose!