I may have discovered a few drops of the proverbial fountain of youth.

It’s not an exotic nature-derived serum harvested from a mountainside in some faraway land promising other-worldly results. It’s not a potion or a fancy lotion. It’s not an expensive medi-spa treatment or wacky bio hack.

It’s not even in my skincare routine.

It’s in my breakfast.

The nutritional value of eggs, specifically the yolks, is pretty astounding, when considering years of specifying “egg white-only” omelets in restaurants.

Had I known that the egg yolks hold all of the nutrients, I would have happily added those calories back to the plate.

What about cholesterol? Apparently the jury is still out. For those at risk for developing heart disease, consult with you doctor, as dietary cholesterol concerns are still up for much debate among health professionals.

Are eggs healthy? It’s a question we’ve long been scratching our heads about when making daily food choices.

So what’s in the egg yolk?
First, there’s Vitamin A, also known as retinol, an antioxidant of royal stature that protects the skin. Many of the skin-loving B vitamins are also present, including biotin (B7), the most famous of the B’s when it comes to the quest for maintaining beautiful skin, nails and hair.

I have a close friend in a demanding executive position who struggles to have healthy snack options at her fingertips. She doesn’t really care about food and is prone to skip meals, unless completely starving, which I keep telling her will wreak havoc on her skin. Taking hard-cooked eggs to the office has been a smart snacking solution, yet when she finally takes the time to refuel, she tosses the yolks in the trash and eats only the whites!

Think of the egg white as mostly protein, a macronutrient the body needs, and the yolk as this little yellow power ball bursting with almost every essential vitamin and mineral when you bite into it: zinc, Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin, in which most women are deficient), K2, lutein, B12. The list goes on and on.

Cracking the code to sunshine on a plate
If you really want to find the Golden Egg, look for eggs labeled “pastured” for the most nutritional value. Many studies have shown twice as much Vitamin E and significantly more Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids present in pastured eggs versus from caged hens.

When it comes to protecting and nourishing the skin through diet, egg yolks are on my Top Five list. I’d rather nourish my body and skin with something savory than choke down a handful of vitamins that my body may or may not be absorbing.

Biotin for breakfast!
Now I eat two hard-cooked eggs almost every day, cooking them two at a time when ready to eat, so I can crack open while still warm and gooey on the inside. The yolks get a little Himalayan salt sprinkle and I’m ready to “face” the day.

Think of the yolk as a little yellow power ball bursting with almost every essential vitamin and mineral when you bite into it.

Read carton labels

When possible, buy eggs labeled “pastured” over organic, omega-3 enriched, free-range or cage-free, etc. for the most nutritional value.

Think pink!

Season with Himalayan pink salt, which contains slightly more electrolytes than regular salt, for a little added benefit.

Remember: yellow is the sunshine!

Don’t throw away the yolks! In fact, discard or save the egg whites if there’s already enough protein on the plate.