Ciao, Amaro Milk Punch!

Just imagine my delight at discovering this play on Milk Punch while Sunday brunching at Gianna.

Not the expected brandy, bourbon or rum split base in Milk Punch, served traditionally at brunch around New Orleans, but Averna, the herbal Sicilian amaro darling for sipping after dinner and, yes, for mixing cocktails.

Immediately intrigued (it had me at “amaro milk punch”) especially alongside its spirit counterpart: Italian espresso liqueur…brilliant!

“It’s a good combination of iced coffee and the usual Brandy Milk Punch, something new to have for breakfast,” says its creator behind the Gianna bar, Stephen Curtis.

That hint of espresso plays the perfect supporting role, after all “eye-opener” is a category of cocktails all its own in New Orleans. Along with the Averna, it lends that caramel hue appeal.

For his ultimate Gianna signature brunch cocktail, Stephen also nods to local by adding a touch of  Three Roll Estate Spiced Rum, a Baton Rouge made spirit.

“The rum gives it a little bit of that ‘punch’ aspect for a Milk Punch,” he adds.

With Averna’s approachable quality (not that bitter), Amaro Milk Punch is well balanced and with no added simple syrup.

Nutmeg on the nose seals the whole deal.

Yep, this is an incredibly inventive Milk Punch—and certainly the most Italian.

Cin Cin!


700 Magazine Street, New Orleans 
For reservations, book on Resy


Batch it
To serve Gianna’s Amaro Milk Punch for a crowd, here’s how to batch it for brunch.

3 cups Averna Amaro
9 ounces Galliano Coffee Liqueur
3 ounces Three Roll Spiced Rum
3 cups milk

Combine all in a large pitcher. Keep chilled. When ready to serve, stir to combine.

Serve over ice with fresh grated nutmeg.

Makes about 12 drinks

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