Have yourself a merry little pink Christmas with French 75s you can batch.

With a whole bottle of Pink Gin, a grapefruit syrup hack, fresh lemon and Champagne, this punch bowl cocktail batches beautifully—if you take a few tips!

“Pink gin” was originally used to describe a traditional drink made with London Dry Gin with a splash of aromatic bitters.

Peruse the liquor store aisles now, however, and you will find an array of gins infused with fruit, herbs and spices such as strawberries, rhubarb and rose petals, giving the gin a beautiful pink hue.

The grapefruit syrup comes together quickly since there’s no squeezing! Just grab a bottle of Fever Tree Sparkling Grapefruit to do the trick. It’s always stocked in my home bar for making Palomas.

Grapefruit is a beautiful counterpoint to Mirabeau Gin, a rosé infused gin, but feel free to select another pink gin or use a classic London Dry Gin, such as Beefeater.

Cold water is added to the batch to account for dilution or you can add an ice block if you prefer the batch to be colder.

Popping and adding two whole bottles of Champagne is the fun part, so make it a spectacle—add just as guests are ready for a festive cocktail!