Too much party-planning panic, not enough disco?

Make deconstructed Cosmos that you build over ice!

Not a martini glass in sight, this is a make-at-home Cosmo-esque drank, imagined more of the Disco era but with futuristic craft cocktail advances and flavors.

The fact that it’s made with a Cathead Sparkling Cranberry, a Mississippi-distilled canned vodka soda with the essence of cranberry, makes this more of a tall drink, but when you add homemade grenadine and a measure of liqueur, voila—It’s a cocktail!

Pomegranate juice in the grenadine adds that signature Cosmo flavor. And since Cathead Sparkling is low ABV (alcohol by volume), there’s room for adding spirits or liqueurs to modify the flavor. Rather than Cointreau, as in the classic Cosmopolitan, we add Licor 43, a botanical liqueur with hints of vanilla and citrus.

As for the garnish, there is no substitute. A Liquid Activated Glo Cube is a must as it continuously changes neon colors and far superior to junk lights ordered on Amazon. You’ll need  a party pack of Glo Cubes or this hosting kit curated by Milk Punch.

Ready to feel like a real cocktail-making queen? Disco into the kitchen and make that hibiscus grenadine.


Hosting tip: Do not pour these ahead of time. Have guests make their own. Watery diluted drinks will die on the dance floor before party time!