There’s no denying the wintertime appeal of cinnamon whiskey.

While the rocket-fuel burn is part of the allure to slinging back shots of infamous Fireball, this homemade recipe is less Flora-Bama and more of a festive sipper.

Homemade Cinnamon Whiskey is ready to host friends around the firepit, even with a few bourbon enthusiasts in the mix, and a super-festive back-pocket cocktail to have on hand throughout the holiday season.

The addition of Aperol here is dual purpose, adding both a slight cinnamon candy coloring and a hint of orange bitterness.

With less overall heat, this MP recipe drinks more like a liqueur itself, which means it’s ideal served over a jumbo ice cube where it mellows and softens, or neat, swirling in a rocks glass.

Therefore for fans of Old Fashioneds, you’re more than halfway there with this as a batch with whiskey, sweetener and orange flavors. Simply add a few shakes of bitters with ice and stir for a warm and spicy Cinnamon Old Fashioned.

Save and repurpose old whiskey bottles for storing and in three days you’ll have your very own Homemade Cinnamon Whiskey.