There are times in every social drinker’s life that call for cutting back the booze.

Dry January, the season of Lent or just purely post Mardi Gras exhaustion, waving off alcoholic drinks for any period of time has become more popularized and accepted.

Fortunately, cocktail trends have made fluttering to parties and restaurants like a social butterfly much easier. We’ve adapted to the concept of Low ABV (alcohol by volume), a way of dialing down the percentage to extend drinking time (think Aperol Spritz afternoons).

Zero-proof distilled spirits like Seedlip and Lyre’s began making splashes at Tales of the Cocktail, introducing cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders to bottles made with herbs and botanicals. Now “No and Low” ABV crafted drinks can be found all over The Land of Cocktails.

Here are two spots where Milk Punch Media tasted the booze-free creations that prove there’s no sacrifice in flavor.

Bartenders in New Orleans do no- and low-proof cocktails so well, abstainers won't miss a thing.

Copper Vine
The Gentle Sage takes name inspiration from New Orleans-distilled Gentilly Gin in the original cocktail, but it’s also shaken by request without it when you “make it a mocktail.”

A grapefruit juice-based drink with Peychaud’s Bitters, it fools the nose and palate in the most fabulous way. It drinks like a craft cocktail. Bitters are traditionally made from alcohol, but since just a few dashes packs a punch, it’s a negligible amount.

Copper Vine’s other sans booze cocktail is a mock Painkiller. In a zero proof variation, chai tea spices stand in for rum’s starring role in this British Virgin Islands classic—a tropical vacation in a glass.

Gris Gris
Mocktails is a category of house-made signature drinks all its own on the Gris Gris Cocktail Menu. “I find that mocktails are almost harder to conceptualize than cocktails, ” says Lead Bartender Diane Olexa. “Cocktails at least give you a base flavor to build on, whereas mocktails feel like you want to start with juices. However, there are a lot of zero proof liqueurs out there now, so it will be fun to keep experimenting.”

The Magic Shop was introduced during Pride Month and has been a shimmery mainstay sipper at Gris Gris ever since. With edible glitter and a festive purplish hue, it’s indeed a delicious way to feel inclusive. Olexa also created a low-sugar mocktail served in a wine glass to meet the guidelines of the Eat Fit NOLA program.

Bold flavors, a deep hibiscus hue, fresh rosemary…Who knew mocktails could be instagrammable too?

Copper Vine
1001 Poydras Street, New Orleans

Gris Gris
1800 Magazine Street, New Orleans