If a cocktail is a postcard from a place and time, this milk punch will transport you to Baronne Street, circa 2021.

That’s the year that Virgin Hotels opened in New Orleans, and with much fanfare—think Richard Branson Second Line parading Big Easy streets and influencers flocking to the rooftop bar for photo ops.

The Commons Club on the ground floor soon after launched a hearty brunch, and that’s where you’ll find Lead Bartender Christy Bradley’s variation on a New Orleans classic cocktail for that “Greetings from New Orleans” postcard—with our stamp of approval!

“The Nutty Professor was inspired by one of my favorite cocktails, the Bourbon Milk Punch, but I decided to put a little spin on it for all the peanut butter lovers,” says Bradley.

With Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey as the base spirit along with what Christy calls “the most intense chocolate liqueur I’ve ever tasted” and caramel syrup, the Nutty Professor has all of the dessert-first cocktail vibes.

Garnished with crushed peanuts held to the glass with caramel sauce and a dusting of cocoa, each sip of a Nutty Professor evokes, with Christy’s intention, “all the good flavors of a Snickers Bar.”

Commons Club
Virgin Hotels New Orleans
Brunch Saturdays and Sundays
550 Baronne Street, New Orleans

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