The Davenportini is a New Orleans courtyard cocktail classic.

It’s as ’90s as Britney Spears yet classic enough to hold its own inside the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, the official host hotel of Tales of the Cocktail, the annual conference held in the Land of Cocktails itself.

The namesake of beloved resident jazz musician Jeremy Davenport inside the Davenport Lounge, The Davenportini is a variation on the French Martini, hailing from the late ’80s to ’90s span of fruity “tinis.”

Simply elegant, it’s a vodka-based cocktail shaken with Chambord black raspberry liqueur, the Ritz housemade Limoncello and pineapple juice, served up in a coupe.

Cocktail trends be damned; The Davenportini is balanced and beautiful.

And that lovely time between Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest is just the time for sipping one in the Ritz-Carlton Courtyard.

With approachable ingredients and no citrus to squeeze, The Davenportini is also one you can emulate at home. Shake up this Nola-inspired ‘tini when you’re so jazzed for a breath of spring!

Davenport Lounge
Ritz-Carlton New Orleans
921 Canal Street
New Orleans 

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