Carpe the sunset cocktail hour!

The minutes just before sunset are known (particularly to photographers) as the Golden Hour. We like to capitalize the phrase because its mesmerizing magical moments cannot be understated.

Two things that go hand in hand with a summer sunset at the beach: a camera and a cocktail.

How do we best capture a sunset pic with our smart phones as stellar as the eye can see?

Just ask Jay.

Milk Punch Media principal photographer Jay Adkins, who teaches and trains the photographer’s eye on his blog, snap-look, shares his 5 Sunset Photo Tips, Milk Punch style.

Iced tea? Really, Jay? And yeah, that’s a Mississippi River sunset not the Gulf of Mexico, but if Tip #3 is your sunset hour style (repeat: camera in one hand, cocktail in the other), then we’ve got you covered.

5 sunset sippers for the beach 


“Which way to the beach!?” One sip of a painkiller and the Redneck Riviera feels like a Caribbean dream. Rum note: This disco-era drink by trademark is made with Pusser’s Rum but look for Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple or another good aged Caribbean rum. Build per drink or batch it.

2Aperol Spritz

Haven’t been livin’ your best #spritzlife all day? Pop the Prosecco! An afternoon aperitivo in European cafés, the  Aperol Spritz doesn’t feel quite as chic in a plastic cup, so grab the wine glasses. Orange ya glad you packed those designer Italian sunglasses?

3Summer of '69

If styrofoam is more your beach style, say hello to this rosé sangria! Created for a ’80s rock-loving birthday party girl, this sangria loves a pool party, a hot tub and toes in the sand! Marinate the fruit in the morning and it will be sippin’ pretty by sunset. Apologies for the alcohol-inspired air guitars.

4Frosé aka Glosé

You did procure at least a case of that rosé, right? Spare a bottle to freeze, and blend up a batch of frosé, aka “glosé.” We keep it simple, make it skinny and add a little skin glow boost. Bask in the afterglow of making homemade frosé! {clink} Better yet, freeze two bottles, ’cause ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

5Mezcal Paloma

Need just a moment of peace? Think tequila and pour a paloma. With just three ingredients (if you count the lime), palomas are made best by being super selective about quality tequila and the grapefruit soda. Try one with mezcal! Who’s making the guac?

Oh, hey, 30A! Seaside sunset captured by Jay Adkins. It was shot with his Nikon not a smart phone, but that’s a photo lesson for another time. And another cocktail. Enjoy the beach!