Pull out the highballs and cut some fresh mint; it’s officially Mojito Season!

Highballs are the ultimate solution to the less-sugar summer cocktail conundrum (base spirit topped with something fizzy). Although classic Cuban mojitos are made with sugar, you can easily make them sugar-free.

These are three of my own “skinny” mojitos that I make at home without added sugar. They all draw natural sweetness from fresh, seasonal fruit plus a natural sugar substitute. Some find the essential level of sweetness in nothing more than the fruit and La Croix or Zevia sparkling waters!

They’re pretty genius, delicious and will have resort status with your friends!

Be your own cabana bartender
Hostess note: You cannot batch mojitos! A mojito is lovingly crafted by hand, but it’s super easy, I promise! There’s only one extra step taken compared to building your ho-hum vodka dranks at home: muddling. A child could make one!

How to “batch” mojitos while hosting a handful of friends:
Simply line up a few highballs and follow each step, glass by glass. Wait until more than one person is ready for another and make a second round at the same time. Mojitos are not the kind of cocktails everyone will be drinking all day. They’ll love the idea of one, maybe two.

That said, other than the proper glassware (highballs), fresh-picked mint and fruit, you need a muddler.

These mojitos are  loaded with vitamins and antioxidants as part of the Milk Punch Beauty + Booze Cocktail Collection. Be sure to eat the fresh fruit garnishes!

For juicier limes, microwave for 15 seconds or soak in warm water and roll on countertop. To cut into wedges, trim off ends, cut in half, then cut each half into quarters. Account for 1 lime per 2 drinks.