Like everyone else, I’ve been whole-heartedly cooking my way through Corona.

At first we were all baking bread and casseroles—something that would consume time and leave us with leftovers.

Then those sneaky pounds started to appear…

Looking for ideas all over the internet to feed my family with lighter dishes, I discovered the best local low-carb flatbread—and I am addicted! I found Cut Da Carb on instagram low carb flatbreadand purchased through their web site. They are so versatile and the best news is they have only 9 grams net carbs for a full sheet. It’s not gluten free but real bread that’s paper thin!

Cauliflower crust has never suited me, so I first started playing with ways to make flatbread pizza, but without the guilt. I made four different versions in 10 days!

Then I started incorporating low-carb flatbread into other dishes such as enchiladas (namely for the Milk Punch Tequila Tuesday Virtual Cocktail Class night!) and playing with the possibilities, which seem endless.

The main thing is to keep them sealed and in the fridge so they don’t dry out.

3 ways to love low-carb flatbread:

Fabulous Flatbread Pizza

While using end of summer tomatoes and basil as toppings, this Chicken Margherita Pizza became my favorite. You could also use pesto with chicken or pesto and grilled shrimp.

Air "fried" chips

This heathier hack will amaze your guests! Cut flatbread sheets lengthwise and then each strip into triangles. Drop in air fryer at 375 degrees for 3 minutes. No oil whatsoever! Season with a little salt. So good.

Quick Breakfast Wraps

With a backyard chicken coop, we cook lots of eggs! This filling, low-carb breakfast wrap (or make it a burrito) comes together fast. Make it your way with added good fats such as avocado and veggies of choice.