Refined simplicity never goes out of style.

When entertaining a handful of guests who know their spirits, serve whiskey on wheels! If you want to chic up the cocktail hour in an instant (prestigious guests? bourbon collector?), load up the bar cart with the essentials for making old fashioneds.

Allow guests to make their own or you can easily make at least four drinks at a time. You can make a batch of Old Fashioneds, but seeing them being crafted by hand creates an experience.

Don’t be intimidated by its stature in the cocktail canon; we’ve got you covered.

Follow this checklist and take a few tips and you’re all set to serve and sip on Old Fashioneds like a pro.

To set up a DIY Old Fashioned Bar cart, you’ll need:

3 bottles of whiskey
Rye is traditional but most prefer bourbon. Choose two bourbons you know the crowd drinks, then add a rye, such as Rittenhouse Rye or Sazerac for OF street cred.

Rocks glasses see tips

Aromatic bitters and orange bitters
A bottle of Angostura bitters is a must! We like orange bitters also.

Jiggers and a barspoon 

Large ice cubes see tips

Simple syrup (1:1)


Vegetable peeler 

Cocktail napkins

OF Bar Cart Tips