Named for the iconic Blue Dog series of paintings by New Orleans artist George Rodrigue, these vibrant shooters are beaming with the spirit of New Orleans.

The Pot & The Palette Cookbook II

Milk Punch proudly shares this festive recipe in The Pot & The Palette Cookbook II: Delicious Regional Recipes with Artwork by Louisiana’s Most Talented Student Artists published by the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts. With more than 100 recipes from Louisiana restaurants, chefs and mixologists, the book is dedicated to Paul Prudomme and features award-winning colorful art by students.

Blue Dog Mezcal Margarita Gelatin Shots are an easy, make-ahead party-rocking trick.

They may be neon ‘tini blue, but think of these as little craft cocktails made with all-natural unflavored gelatin, quality agave spirits and fresh-squeezed lime.

Here, the mezcal margarita base is split with blanco tequila. When hosting friends hip to more aggressive mezcal flavors, feel free to make them solely with a favorite mezcal. It adds depth with smokiness—and that Caribbean blue hue jumps straight off a Blue Dog canvas!

To order copies of The Pot & The Palette Cookbook II supporting arts education, shop the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts.