Fields of Mississippi Delta sunflowers: say cheers with the happiest flower on earth adding its sunny disposition to any cocktail!

Step up your garnish game and liven up your libations with pretty blooms, buds and petals floating in home-created cocktails.

The same varieties of fancy edible flowers dropped in drinks in craft cocktail bars may very well be blooming in your own garden.

Pansies are widely known as being edible, but did you know that daylilies are classified as edible, too? That’s a springtime cocktail garnish game changer!

When I first discovered that sunflowers, my absolute favorite, growing all around me late summer were also edible, my mind was blown. Major cocktail garnish inspo!

Six edible blooms I pick straight from the garden (or my neighbor’s) to garnish cocktails: marigolds, pansies, roses, daylilies, sunflowers and honeysuckle.

Now any cocktail shaken and served up in a crystal coupe begs for a beautiful bloom and bowls of party punch have never been prettier.

6 edible flowers that bloom in the garden:

Don’t pick your poison
Before picking floral garnishes for the home bar, however, be forewarned: many familiar varieties of garden flowers such as Lantana, Morning Glory and Oleander are poisonous, particularly to pets and children. Pick only flowers known to be safe and edible (unfortunately, it’s a small list) and haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.

party planning note
If ordering garnishes online ahead for a party, look for organically-grown flowers from reputable growers and distributors that service restaurants such as Marx Foods.