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Kate Moss walks into a bar…

In case you didn’t know, the espresso martini has a rather sexy backstory.

Legend has it that London bartender Dick Bradsell concocted the drink in the late ’80s when supermodel Kate Moss famously asked for a drink that would “wake me up and f@ck me up.”

Three decades later, this retro cocktail (not a true martini) is ideal as a boozy pick-me-up or after-dinner drink. With vodka, Kahlua and espresso, nearly any bartender will shake one, and when there’s cold brew coffee in the fridge, it’s super simple to make at home, too.

“Express Yourself” by Mississippi artist William Goodman

When you wanna feel a little like a sexy supermodel, a mega popstar or just super-awesome like the larger-than-life ’80s, go heavy on the eyeliner and espresso martini yo’self!  

How to make a mean espresso martini
Espresso martinis are one of my back-pocket cocktails when expecting friends stopping by for a drink. Dust off that Kahlua bottle (and your shaker) and try two of my favorite variations.

And, yes, you can batch ’em!


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