Frosé that fights aging with a shot of grapefruit and rose-infused vodka?

Yes, please!

Happiness is a beautiful summer shopping day with a stop for frosé! But not everyday is a sunny stroll through a cool city where frozen drink machines are spinning behind every bar.

Thankfully, you can easily make frosé at home to sip poolside or on the patio with just a little planning ahead—and a blender.

At Willa Jean in New Orleans, their slushy Frosé Y’all, served literally all day long, is simply two ingredients: frozen rosé wine and simple syrup. We keep it simple too, but make it skinny and add healthful benefits and skin boosters…

Ready to glow all summer?

The healthier hacks:

no sugar added
You need that little bit of sweetness to bring out the flavors, but if you’re avoiding sugar, substituting a natural sweetener such as honey, monkfruit or stevia does the trick beautifully.

collagen boost 
When dietary collagen first started trending, scoops of the animal protein powder, good for skin, hair, nails and joint health, quickly went from boosting morning coffee and smoothies to afternoon cocktails at Milk Punch! It’s optional here and just may improve elastin and help hydrate your skin.

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and combined with that collagen powder boost, it’s how frosé came to be called “glosé” in the Beauty + Booze Cocktail Collection!

Go boozy or go home?
While frosé has its place in responsible day drinking as a lower-alcohol option, who doesn’t love a little extra shot?

At Bud & Alley’s on 30A in Seaside, Florida, they offer an optional float of Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose. It’s a beautiful, boozy addition and inspired the infused vodka in our signature recipe.

Cheers to daydrinking with healthful benefits!