Frozen mimosas? Yes, please!

The only thing better than the simply magical combo of OJ + bubbles is its more amazing frozen twin!

Think frosé meets a mimosa.

Think naturally sweetened with no sugar added.

Think pregaming with a frozen version of everyone’s brunchtime fave, an easy batch cocktail for blending and pouring for a few friends.

How we made frozen mimosas for 4
With two-inch square ice cube trays and a Vitamix, Melissa made a batch while hosting friends in New Orleans. Frozen Mimosas

“It’s a mimosa on steroids,” said Taylor, after tasting the batch we blended for sipping while getting dressed for Saturday brunch at La Petite Grocery.

With a little planning ahead, you can make frozen mimosas without a fancy frozen drink machine. The night before (complete with Netflix and Chinese takeout in our PJs), two of us teamed the cutting, squeezing, straining and pouring into ice cube trays to freeze overnight.


Easy peezy, orange squeezy! 

After a three-day girls’ weekend hitting up many of the city’s most revered cocktail lounges, Diédre, also on the trip, gave the homemade frozen mimosa a Top 3 rating of all cocktails tasted!

Pro tips and tricks
The flavor outcome of your fabulous frozen mimosas will depend on the sweetness of the oranges and the sparkling wine. Choose common “juicing” oranges such as Valencia, navel oranges or even blood oranges, when in season.

For the bubbles, simply pick a brut Cava, Prosecco or Champagne you would serve in your mimosas at home or what’s already chilling. Make sure it’s super cold when blending.

For a slushy frozen mimosa, freeze orange juice cubes as directed then add Champagne and re-freeze the combined mixture. (You will need more than one ice tray.)

Prepare poolside or blend a quick batch anytime you need to bring the good morning brunch vibes.





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