Created in the 1800s on Royal Street at the Sazerac Coffee House, the Sazerac is the Official Cocktail of New Orleans. You’ve probably sipped on more than one at the Sazerac Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel, ground zero for imbibing this local classic.

A proper Sazerac can be found all over the city, of course, where some iterations include Cognac.

In the Sazerac, there will always be absinthe, or more locally its common substitute, Herbsaint, and Peychaud’s Bitters, which together complete the drink’s storied history and bless this deep cherry-hued sipper with a unique blend of aromatics.

Batch it!
Since it’s a stirred cocktail and not served over ice, Sazeracs are the ideal New Orleans classic cocktail to serve around Mardi Gras or Nola-themed parties with impressive results in large format.

Be sure to follow the four simple steps to serving Sazeracs and have an atomizer handy to spray an essence of Herbsaint inside the glasses. If you can’t find an atomizer by party time, simply swirl Herbsaint inside each chilled glass and discard.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

In search of a hyper local, mind-blowing Sazerac? Head to Jewel of the South for this spirits line-up: Rittenhouse Bonded Rye, Tobacal Rancio Sec and Peychaud’s Herbsaint Legendre. 1026 Saint Louis 

How to serve pre-batched Sazeracs

1Chill the glasses

Place rocks glasses in the freezer or cooler to chill before serving.

2Spray absinthe

With an atomizer, spray the inside of each glass (once) with absinthe or Herbsaint.

3Pour the mix

Pour about 3 ounces of the Sazerac mixture into the glass—without ice!


With a vegetable peeler, make a lemon peel. Drop in the glass.