Cheers to Sazerac Cocktail Week!

The Sazerac Cocktail, the Official Cocktail of New Orleans since 2008, deserves more than its own hashtagged cocktail day on instagram—and rightly so. The Sazerac Cocktail now has its own Official Week: June 21-June 27, 2021, in its birthplace.

There’s also the dedicated museum, ground zero for celebrating Sazerac Cocktail Week, The Sazerac House. Here they tell the backstory of the components that make a true Sazerac Cocktail: Herbsaint Liqueur and Peychaud’s Bitters, which together complete the drink’s storied history and bless this deep cherry-hued sipper with a unique blend of aromatics.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate the spirit of New Orleans in a glass for Sazerac Cocktail Week and in the month of June, Milk Punch Media style:

Take a Tour or Sazerac Cocktail Class!
The Sazerac House is hosting a 45-minute Virtual Cocktail Class on June 23, 2021, with cocktail kits available for curbside pickup. Or take a self-guided tour in the month of June when The Sazerac House will donate a portion of admission, bottles of spirits sold (onsite) and commemorative products to The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.
The Sazerac House, 101 Magazine Street

Experience a Highly Crafted Sazerac 
In search of a mind-blowing Sazerac in New Orleans? Step beyond the hotel bars and into a French Quarter courtyard. After your lesson on the craft of creating a Sazerac Cocktail, head to Jewel of the South and have another. Famed local barmen Chris Hannah and Nick Detrich serve the classic with a twist, starting with the higher proof Rittenhouse Rye 100 and Madeira. (Ask them to elaborate on the nuances of the drink—all part of the experience.) Jewel of the South is a place of passion and grace for chronicling the city’s illustrious cocktail history alongside their thoughtfully crafted creations.
Jewel of the South, 1026 Saint Louis, New Orleans

Make a Batch of Sazeracs!
Since it’s a stirred cocktail and not served over ice, Sazeracs are the ideal New Orleans classic cocktail to make, chill and serve during Sazerac Cocktail Week, Mardi Gras or parties year-round with impressive results. Have an atomizer handy to spray an essence of Herbsaint inside glasses. If you can’t find an atomizer by party time, simply swirl Herbsaint inside each chilled glass and discard.

Raise a toast to the Sazerac Cocktail and take storied sips of New Orleans history in a glass.

Happy Sazzying!