Rosé sangria that’s a real peach of a cocktail!

Sangria is always a good idea when contemplating a pitcher cocktail for a small crowd that you can pour and party on.

Inspired by batch cocktails served all over Nashville (Girls’ Trip vibes!), this rosé sangria is sweetened with a bounty of beautiful berries and two peach-kissed spirits: Ketel One Peach and Orange Blossom Botanicals Vodka and peach brandy.

Soaking the berries in the booze overnight (two days is even better) adds all the sweetness you’ll need.

Choose a rosé wine you like to drink but none too terribly fancy. The peachy notes in the botanical vodka and brandy mingle with the raspberry and other fruits like lifelong friends.

When to serve rosé sangria: Galentine’s gatherings, birthday bashes, day drinking soirées, brunching or pregaming.

Cheers, bitchez!