The Lazurus Spritz at Sylvain

Weekends in New Orleans are not for the faint of heart—or the weak of stomachs.

Stay tough and power through it like a local with these pro tips and picks.

Hangover Level 1: Eh, just looking for local hot spots and teenagers may be in tow.

Hangover Level 2: Big night but no biggie. Need bacon. More cocktails? Sure…

Hangover Level 3: Whew. Only the hair of the dog will help. Bring on more Nola amazingness!

Hangover Level 4: Stay in, hydrate and order a pizza.

Sylvain’s signature hangover helper: Champagne and fries with crème fraîche and caviar.



Vibe: hipster haven
Where: French Quarter
Hangover level: 3
“It’s better to have brunched and gone back to bed than to never have brunched at all,” reads the sign in the window, welcoming weekenders into its dimly lit confines. No judging, just classic cocktails, fried chicken biscuits, hearty egg dishes and their signature sharing option: Champagne and fries with crème fraîche and caviar. Sylvain feels altogether celebratory yet chill with refined Southern dishes served in a charming 18th century carriage house. Concentrate first on the cocktail menu. They never overcomplicate the drinks and lean to well made, morning-after restorers like milk punch, a Corpse Reviver, and another sparkling favorite, the Lazarus Spritz. If you’re truly hurting, there’s always the Sylvain burger or the pork shoulder benedict with fried green tomatoes (add fries) to eat your way past the pain. It’s a cool crowd and the playlist is always on point. Just keep drinking. 
Sylvain, 625 Chartres Street, (504) 265-8123
Reservations: Drop in and shop Chartres while you wait or book on Open Table.

Brunch at Coquette is all about the fried chicken platter, but flavorful surprises await so don’t rush it.


Vibe: neighborhood charm
Where: Garden District
Hangover level: 2
If mimosas and contemporary comfort food served under crystal chandeliers sound like your brunch jam, Coquette is heating up the deep fryer and popping corks. Hello, brunchtime in Nola! Refined but rustic, Coquette clearly aims not only to charm you, but surprise you with unexpected flavor pairings such as smoked catfish dip topped with roasted beets and seasonal citrus. There’s a wine list, of course, and a punch of the day, but the mimosas are crafted with love for Cognac. {clink, clink} Skip the gumbo and go all in on the family-style fried chicken platter perched in the middle of the table, brimming with so-extra goodness. Make your choice of chicken parts based on how many pickles have touched the skins and discover the southern nirvana that comes from biting into deviled egg perfection and the smoothest mashed potatoes on earth. Just when you’re pondering a taste of the cole slaw, here come the buttermilk biscuits glazed with honey butter! In the words of Ashley Longshore in her art gallery up the street, “brace yourself for impending fatness.” A full-on food coma may also follow, but another hangover won’t. 
Coquette, 2800 Magazine Street, (504) 265-0421.
Reservations: Book on their web site or call the restaurant.


Ugh. Too much Nolaness last night? You just need a Willa Jean biscuit.

Willa Jean

Vibe: bustling bakery
Where: CBD
Hangover level: 1
With wall-to-wall windows on a busy street corner, über-popular Willa Jean is no place to duck and hide, but showering is optional—everyone just wants a biscuit. And sugar. And caffeine. Named for the chef’s grandmother, Willa Jean focuses on serving fresh-baked goodies (nothing remotely gluten-free) and a hearty breakfast, all with Nola soul. Check their ever-changing cocktail menu and seasonal frosé offerings (if the frozen blackberry mint julep doesn’t cure your hangover, nothing will) then run your fork through a perfectly poached egg oozing over the Hangover Bowl with braised short ribs and grits (weekends only) or the étouffée-style Shrimp and Grits. On the lighter side, the Kale Caesar is obsession-worthy. (Add a poached egg on top!) If Willa Jean has restored you, order another frosé to-go with their signature chocolate espresso cookies—and keep the buzz going. 
Willa Jean, 611 O’Keefe Avenue, (504) 509-7334
Reservations: Book on Open Table, on their web site (only for up to 4 guests) or drop in and put your name on the list. There’s coffee…