Let’s take the best of the last year of the decade and pay it forward—with 8 everyday essentials for 2020.

From self-care product picks like dreamy sheets for the insomniac to must-have natural skincare and hosting hacks, Milk Punch Media style contributor Baylor Pillow reveals his list of Favorite Things in 2019.

We like to call it self gifting for livin’ that best life all year long.


1Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

The brightening cleanser is hands-down my favorite over-the-counter cleanser. Ideal for all skin types, this cruelty-free, all-natural cleanser also doubles as an exfoliating mask. It’s a steal. $34, Indie Lee

2Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Let’s face it, everyone wants a little glow. Self-tanning, though, can be tricky and time consuming. With these (miracle) drops from Isle of Paradise, almost every anxiety about self-tanner can be eliminated. You control the intensity by mixing the drops in your daily moisturizer. In 4 to 6 hours, you’ve got a natural, healthy glow that lasts for days! $29, Sephora

3Tatcha The Rice Polish

This polish provides the extra push your skin needs for minimizing pores, smooth texture, and a glowing complexion. After activating with water, the rice polish will gently foam as you apply to skin. Once rinsed, you will see and feel immediate results. $65,  Tatcha.com

4Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman

NYC Chef Alison Roman’s second cookbook provides exactly what it promises: stress-free, delicious and easy recipes for entertaining any size crowd. Fun to read and easy to follow, Alison wants to encourage a new mindset for entertaining and readers to think of it as just having a few extra people over for dinner. My favorite piece of Nothing Fancy (Clarkson Potter) is the unpretentious style of the ingredient lists, which are almost all open-ended, providing suggestions for substitutes, as well as room for creativity. $32.50, support a local bookstore; they’ll even order it!

5Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

Not to be dramatic, but Brooklinen’s sheets have changed my life. Before, I would wake up (at least twice a week) hot and miserable, taking forever to fall back asleep. These sheets regulate body temperature and feel like butter; it’s impossible to describe just how wonderful these sheets are! $249  Brooklinen.com

6Great Jones cookware

I’m currently living in my first apartment (small as hell) and already have kitchen drawers full of things I don’t need or use. When it comes to pots and pans, Great Jones seeks to eliminate that. Each one of their products is thoughtfully created, and I highly suggest reading about all of their features; it’ll amaze you. Oh, and they’ll even help you find a place to get rid of your old pots and pans! Shop a la carte or buy the 5-piece Family Style set! $395, greatjonesgoods.com. 

7Roxanne Assoulin bracelets

Roxanne Assoulin describes her jewelry line as “an uncomplicated indulgence,” and she’s exactly right. Her enamel stretch bracelets (both men’s and women’s collections), are expressive, fun and stackable. I almost feel naked without one (or three) on. $75+, roxanneassoulin.com
(note: expect some chipping over time—it means you’re enjoying them!)

8 Diptyque Candles

While gifting a candle can sometimes look like an after-thought, a Diptyque candle truly speaks for itself. These candles are beautifully scented and their minimalist design makes them pair perfectly in any environment. diptyqueparis.com