Looking for an idea to elevate your bar cart or party vibe?

Be a hostess with the crafty mostess with an ice bucket you made yourself with fresh flowers as a stunning focal point.

We’ve been in awe of @shefollowsflowers blogger Kristi Belk’s stunning floral Champagne ice buckets all year!

Here, Kristi’s step-by-step tutorial to make your own inspired variation at home:

It is very simple to make these eye-popping charmers with just water, blooms and a container.

What you will need:
Champagne bucket or cylinder container large enough to hold your bottle

Seasonal flowers and greenery: Roses, poinsettias, gerbera daisies, peonies and large blooms are best

Empty 2-liter container

Gravel or rocks

Water for freezing

1Make the base

Add 2 inches of water to the container and freeze overnight. This will serve as the base of your ice bucket.

2Create center walls

Cut the top off of the 2-liter bottle and add the rocks or gravel inside. Place it in the center on top of the frozen base of the bucket/container.

3Add flowers

Cut the stems off the back of the flowers, eyeing how much space you have between the 2 liter and the container. Having a little bit of the stem behind the flower will allow you to place and position it with a little grip between the two walls.  Flowers will float in water, which is why you want the flower to nestle between the two spaces so that you have blooms placed throughout the ice bucket. Gently slide the blooms down the side, placing them as you wish.

4Fill and freeze

Fill the bucket with water.  You are trying to fill the area you placed your flower in, avoiding the center of the two liter. Freeze overnight.


5Gently defrost

Remove from the freezer and allow the bucket to slowly defrost for 10-15 minutes.  Resist the urge to immediately run your bucket under the water as the rapid temperature change can make the ice crack.  After 10 to 15 minutes on the counter, the bucket and 2-liter container should slide right out. If still frozen, after the bucket has defrosted on the counter, running a little lukewarm water on the outside of the container should do the trick!

6You did it!

Ogle the gorgeous creation you just made and chill some Champagne!