Baylor’s everyday signature style: Vintage Bottega Veneta tuxedo shirt with monogramed cuff links, Levi’s jeans, Adidas sneakers and an Hermès cuff.


Milk Punch contributor Baylor Pillow, a self-described sybarite (look it up), has his Stan Smiths on the ground in the little literary town of Oxford, Mississippi.

We sat down with Baylor before a server shift at Saint Leo on the Oxford Square, as he was settling into his sophomore year at Ole Miss, to find out his favorite designers, where he shops and what fuels his creative brain.

Style of your new abode: The inspiration for my apartment is woven fabric. My rugs, pillows, upholstery, and bedding all have elements of tweed, linen, and hessian in a multitude of muted colors.

What did you decide for a major? I am studying Economics and Art History. It’s an interesting combination for sure, but it gives both sides of my brain a workout everyday. I especially love when the two disciplines are able to merge.

What’s your biggest strength? Empathy.

Biggest weakness:  I am beyond impatient.

Three nouns that say who you are: Questioner, supporter, sybarite.

Three adjectives? Creative, thoughtful, curious.

Window or aisle seat: Always window!

Last mind-blowing travel experience: Every time I am in San Francisco, something blows my mind.

City up next on your travel bucket list: Lake Como.

Last thing that you made you laugh: Fran Leibowitz’s Social Studies.

Song that’s always on repeat: I’m always wearing out my Current Favorites, but “Oblivion” by Grimes and “Everything is Embarrassing” by Sky Ferreira are my all-time favorite songs.

What was your first concert? I grew up watching my dad play guitars in bars and at weddings and church services. I think my first real concert though was when I was 14 seeing Lana Del Rey at the Ryman in Nashville.

What has your family taught you? The importance of getting to know everyone you can.

Three apps you can’t currently live without: Snapchat, Wunderlist and Apple Music.

Desert island coffee drink: Vanilla Breve.

At Saint Leo, you’re learning a lot about food and wine. What are the most interesting things have you learned or discovered thus far? I love seeing how well farm-to-table food that’s totally local can pair so well with wines and cocktails from all over the world. I think it speaks volumes to our personal ability to mesh well with people from anywhere.

Order on repeat at Saint Leo: Bianca pizza with our house-made fennel sausage, chili oil and honey…and marinated olives while we wait, please!

Modern art you are currently coveting? Isabella Cotier.

Suits or jeans? Jeans. Suits are tough and I never feel comfortable in them. It feels too much like a uniform.

How would you describe your signature style? I adore anything, whether furniture or fashion, that takes a classic silhouette and adds approachable, yet unexpected details—fabric, color, or technicalities. My signature style is a pair of slim jeans and an oversized denim button down. Any shoe works with this, I promise.

Three pieces in your closet you’ll wear forever: Bottega Veneta boots, Stan Smiths and a navy COS sweater.

What fashion designers do you think everyone should know? I adore Bottega Veneta, Acne Studios, Dries Van Noten, YouMustCreate, and Loewe.

Anywhere you can’t stop shopping? Mr Porter, Totokaelo, SSENSE, and Farfetch are fantastic for designer shopping. If I’m looking for great day-to-day pieces, I’m shopping from COS and Sandro.

Fashion designer you’d most like to meet for to dinner: I adore Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller. Not only has she brought accessibility and glamour back to couture, in her first show she brought out the “petites mains” (seamstresses) following the models’ walk. She’s an embodiment of glamorous je ne sais quoi.

Give us three instagram feeds you follow with an attentive eye:, @ngvmelbourne and @abdullaelmaz

What distinct voice do you want to have as contributor at Milk Punch Media? 
Other than an honest voice, I am always inspired by writers that are able to combine approachability, academia and humor.

Best advice: Go to a tailor, put on some lotion, and be confident. No one’s looking.

What’s your mantra? Do no harm; take no shit.