It’s a Q 2020 mood.

We asked Baylor what he’s had his eyes on during the covid craziness of 2020 and online shopping frenzy.

Here, fab finds that make stuck at home and social distancing guidelines stylish and tolerable.


1Detergent from The Laundress

After using products from The Laundress for the past year, I can tell you one thing: there’s a difference. If you’re anything like me, laundry is the most dreaded task you can endure. Somehow, products from The Laundress make laundry…tolerable? Their products are fabric specific, and I almost never send things to the dry cleaners anymore. Also, their All-Purpose Bleach Alternative brightens whites without messing up any of your colors. Amazing. Try the Signature Detergent or their scented collection with LeLabo.

2Magic Spoon Cereal

Simply put, Magic Spoon is great. This cereal takes the guilt away from eating sugary, processed cereals. Magic Spoon is keto-friendly, sugar free, and high in protein. While pricey (around $40 for four boxes), Magic Spoon’s customer service is amazing. Don’t like a flavor? They refund the money directly, no questions asked. One thing that some may find annoying is that you must order four boxes and the ‘variety pack’ is not customizable. I say, test some flavors out just to try! Also, I may or may not have an inside tip that customizable variety packs will be available for ordering soon. (Mine will be here this week…)

3Tatcha Silken Sunscreen

We all know we’re supposed to be wearing sunscreen, rain or shine. Even with a mask covering half our faces, you need to be showing some forehead love. For a non-greasy, pretty much scent-free SPF, I love Tatcha’s Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen. You’re sure to be impressed!

Tatcha Sunscreen

4Alessi Homewares

Let’s face it, COVID has us feeling sick of everything in our space. Anything at my place that’s not fun or nice to look at has gone from a negligible-must-have to full-blown-pest. Italian homeware company, Alessi, helps turn some of those everyday items into little artworks. Personally, I find their flatware well designed and the quality is exceptional. Bop around their website and replace your everyday items with something more substantial.

5Aēsop hand wash

Raise your hand if you’re sick of watery hand sanitizer that smells like an old bar mat. While pretty much every product Aēsop sells is amazing, their hand sanitizer is what I can’t stop buying right now. The products smell amazing and have fantastic packaging. Dog shampoo, hand lotion, and body washes are awesome as well!
Aesop hand wash

6Roxanne Assoulin bracelets (again!)

Let me preface by stating that I hate typing this next sentence more than you’re going to hate reading it, but, nevertheless, it’s true. People ask me about Roxanne Assoulin bracelets all the time! At this point, less I’m sleeping or showering, these things do not leave my arm. Every colorway is cool and so easy to style, and now, there are personalization options! Seriously, RA is awesome. They’re fun and pair with everything, so, what’s not to love? ​
Punch Picks

7Caroline Goldfarb masks @OfficialSeanPenn 

Who knew 2020 would be a banner year for people with nice foreheads? For those of us who want to keep our masks fun (No debates: WEAR THEM!), you need to check out @OfficialSeanPenn and Caroline Goldfarb. Her celeb-studded aesthetic is sure to make you and everyone else laugh. My favorite part, though? These masks do not make my glasses fog. For this little luxury, I’d pay almost anything. Choose from: Oprah, Dolly, Larry David, Judge Judy and more.

8Hustle Energy by Matchabar

First things first, I’m a coffee person. On any given day, I usually have one or two cold brews plus one oat milk latte. Needless to say, I am subject to caffeine highs and lows throughout the day. Hustle, though, saves me. This ceremonial grade matcha energy drink gives you some serious brainpower sans chemicals and jitters. Totally plant-based, Hustle comes in a few flavors (Yerba Mate Bluephoria lovers, you need to try Sparkling Berry!) and can be easily ordered online. The packaging is 10/10, as well, so you’ll feel trendy while you’re sipping.


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