The bar cabinet is the trending statement furniture piece that can elevate an overall decor while serving a purpose.

The ubiquitous bar cart we all had to have in living spaces years ago is still retro-chic, but if you have the luxury of space, go cabinet over cart!

Big-name designer furniture lines are designing high-style bar cabinets to host your favorite elixirs, glorious glassware, kitschy cocktail napkins and jiggers—all the cocktail things! Bar cabinets are designed specifically for the cocktail enthusiast and avid entertainer, and some have a dedicated wine glass or wine bottle rack.

Melissa and I selected the Luna bar cabinet by Worlds Away for the Milk Punch Media HQ. The dimensions must have been made for the open concept living room because it was a perfect fit with only inches to spare.

The beauty of a bar cabinet: when the doors swing open, all is still chic when it's time for a drink!

Over a few cocktails, it was fun styling her bar cabinet using her favorite finds: vintage highballs and double old fashioneds, a curated collection of bitters, assorted mixology books, obscure liqueurs and the essential tools and necessities for every home bar.

Four of my favorite bar cabinets I’ve picked out for the most fun clients plus styling tips for accessorizing: