Champagne is medicine.

Just as we wholeheartedly believe that food is medicine, so too is the social hour. The time spent outside of everyday stresses in a relaxed setting with likeminded friends is simply good for the soul.

The cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the Beauty + Booze Collection are designed to strike a balance between self care and social drinking. It’s about adding intentional ingredients to nourish the body, protect the liver and incorporate healthful eating habits into the ritual of sharing a bottle or having cocktails with friends.

The goal: to drink smarter. 

It’s what we would imagine being served at a spa getaway or yoga retreat but with the booze, please. Think kombucha cocktails, turmeric and cinnamon tiki elixirs, herbal teas with medicinal properties and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Think low-ABV spritzes and cocktails made with natural ingredients.

Not to mention we all struggle with trying to find lighter party pick-ups that don’t load you and your guests down. {clink}

By design, these signature, make-at-home cocktails and party pick-ups created at Milk Punch or discovered in craft cocktail bars are made with nutrient-dense foods, natural juices and skin-loving ingredients with healthful benefits. There’s a heavy emphasis on antioxidants to fight free radicals and slow down the aging process.

Pretty cool, right? We even occassionally add natural detoxifyers and skin boosters such as collagen powder or seeds and nuts with healthy fats.

It’s kinda revolutionary…


Before you embark on our boozing with benefits journey, keep in mind:

The Big Disclaimer
By the very definition of a craft cocktail, we are already likely consuming drinks made with the finest of ingredients. So don’t hate on your bartenders and don’t hate on all cocktails made with simple syrup, either. Many contain minimal sugar.

Drinks are not “healthy.”
The truth is that those bottles lined up behind the bar can be down-right toxic. We all know that at the end of the day (sigh, favorite drinking hour) that booze is not healthy, so let’s not create fake booze news.

Less refined sugars but not always sugar-free
The goal is take most of the refined sugars out and replace it with natural sweeteners such as honey, agave, stevia and lower glycemic alternative sweeteners. In many cocktails, the sweetener balances the drink, adds volume and brings out the flavors.

 The garnish rule
Drinking on an empty stomach is always a bad idea. Eat your fruit and veggie garnishes! If olives are resting on the edge of a Bloody Mary, eat those little fruity bites of healthy fats! Fresh berries as a garnish? Eat your antioxidants! Have more hummus!

Beauty + Booze Cocktail Collection