If we’re going to mambo straight into Carnival Season with little to no recovery time from holiday indulgences, time to get tough—and refuel!

We’re practicing clean eating and a little detox by parading through January with this Beet-iful Blueberry Smoothie.

When blended, the deep red purplish beets combined with the anthocyanins in blueberries give this superfood smoothie its royal purple hue.

Of the three Mardi Gras colors, purple represents justice and this smoothie is here to reclaim your health!

Why you need this superfood smoothie to mambo into 2020:

Blueberries: antioxidants for anti-aging
Beets: the liver protector aka detoxifying
Avocados: Vitamin E and healthy fats equal healthy, glowing skin
Almond milk: Dairy-free Vitamin D