Vanity is real, y’all.

I’m a certified nutrition coach, but the thing that has kept me engaged in health for this long, funny enough, is beautiful, glowing skin!

My health journey started with a slew of different symptoms, but acne was the worst offender. Most mainstream options didn’t work for me and actually made things worse.

Diet changes became my foundation with lots of anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense foods to support healing at a cellular level—but there was more I needed to do.

In the modern world we live in, we are overexposed to toxins. Toxins are everywhere—in the air we breathe, our water sources, the food we eat—and they are also highly potent in the products we put on our skin.

This toxic build-up puts a huge burden the liver. When the liver is overworked, many other systems in the body can’t do their job, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

As I continued learning about how to heal my face and body, I realized I needed to find cleaner skincare options that supported the foundational dietary changes. With that in mind, I’ve been on a mission to clean up my beauty routine!

You don’t have to be perfect, but if you find a product you love that’s also super clean, you are one step closer to helping take that burden off the body.

These are a few of my favorite non-toxic skincare essentials I can’t live without. After years of dealing with acne and the scarring it left behind, these clean products have worked wonders for helping heal my skin.

skincare line crush

While vacationing in Rosemary Beach, Florida,  I discovered Ladyloved at the farmers’ market. The founder’s skin literally glows—the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen! I decided to give Mila’s Complete 4 Step System a try. It has been incredibly healing for my skin. Each step is packed with Vitamin C, and nourishing facial oils like, sea buckthorn and borage oil. I use the whole system, morning and night (minus the face soap).
natural skincare

clearly love this cleanser

For washing my face, I use Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser. It’s gentle but strong enough to whip all my make-up off. It contains all-organic ingredients like cucumber juice, yogurt for the probiotic help in re-colonizing the good bacteria on my face plus tea tree oil and willow bark to help control breakouts.

organic exfoliator

Once a week, I do the Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial by Juice Beauty. It’s made with organic natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids that help pull off any dead skin cells and leaves my skin so smooth.

my must-use mask

During quarantine, I re-kindled my love for the Alitura Clay Mask and it’s making a huge difference on my scarring and improving clarity. It’s all-natural and mostly organic. I’m very faithful now and use it twice a week.

Cleopatra's cabinet staple

Egyptian Gold Butter is my go-to for all cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. It’s completely natural, chemical-free and packed with healing oils, including propolis, royal jelly, raw honey, castor and olive fruit oil. All are amazing at healing the body quickly. This combination is said to be in the Egyptian historical records. It’s believed that Cleopatra used these same oils as part of her beauty routine.

scent that keeps on giving

Don’t forget about fragrance—it can also be loaded with toxins! When I needed something chemical-free but still smelled great, I found Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room and Body Mist. I get so many compliments—on a product that doubles as a room deodorizer! They have several scents, but frankincense and myrrh is my favorite.

These are just a few of my favorite natural skincare and beauty products. I like to say I’m 93 percent organic and not 100 percent clean in this department!

Making these lifestyle changes in your beauty routine allows the body to do what it wants to do best—be healthy!

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