frozen bourbon milk punch

Assuming that you steer clear of the walk-through daiquiri bars on Bourbon and avoid the sugar bombs that tempt tourists (grain alcohol, anyone?), the best frozen bourbon milk punch in the French Quarter is worth noting—and every gram of sugar.

Well, there are several, but it’s New Orleans, and that means daydrinking and brunchtime cocktails and that typically includes at least one milk punch  along the way.

Ground zero for the best frozen milk punch on the planet: the corner of Bourbon and Iberville. Yeah, it’s just too convenient. Apologies in advance if you’ve somehow never had one and staying at The Ritz or The Monteleone.

Pass on the dessert menu wherever you’re brunching and duck into Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House, the classic French Quarter oyster bar. Bypass the hostess stand and beeline to the bar to have an official Nola-style Go-Cup filled with a Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch.

With housemade vanilla gelato blended with Old Forester Bourbon, this reigning king of crafted frozen drinks in The Land of Cocktails is famously fabulous at Bourbon House for good reason. It’s a rich, creamy, stomach-coating bourbon vanilla milkshake.

Swirls of nutmeg remind you it’s actually a cocktail, but that won’t slow down the straw-to-mouth sipping tempo.

No skim milk in this town; it’s full fat, so sharing this iconic drink is a good idea.

On the spectrum of sweetness, it’s syrupy yet amazing, so take this tippler’s tip: order with an extra shot of bourbon.


Bourbon House, 144 Bourbon Street, New Orleans

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