“Kale Caeser, add a poached egg with the dressing on the side.”

That’s my order on repeat at Willa Jean, a bustling bakery in New Orleans known for its tempting open-air pastries and infamous gargantuan buttery biscuits. [“Brunching Hard in the Big Easy”]

Weekends in Nola are inevitably full of heavy meals (and excessive drinking), so a fresh, clean salad is always in order at some point. Willa Jean’s Kale Caesar Salad is the detox before or after the Nola retox!

Their signature salad is all the superfood things: a bed of fresh kale topped with melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds with a little surprise underneath, cauliflower “croutons.” Ummmm—nearly all of my favorite skin glow/detox foods in one dish!

Willa Jean's Kale Caesar Salad is the detox before or after the Nola retox!

My sister, MP contributor Marcella Simmons, is hooked on the Kale Caesar too; she can’t leave Nola without ordering one and order double smoked salmon!

That Nola weekend ritual we now share as sisters was the inspo for Kale Caesar Deviled Eggs. Deliciously tangy, this spin on a classic party pick-up made their debut at a Milk Punch Beauty & Booze event that Marcella and I hosted—to rave reviews!

The dressing is fail-proof (no anchovies) that’s also amazing drizzled over grilled Romaine.



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