beet hummusLike our favorite pantone color, this bold magenta beauty is so “on brand,” we declared beet hummus the Official Party Dip of Milk Punch.

Beet hummus is all the things: unapologetically bold and feminine, naturally sweet with more than a hint of garlic, and the most skin-loving dip at the party.

Nutrition gurus say to “eat the rainbow,” and, in fact, beets top MP Beauty & Wellness contributor Germaine’s list of favorite nutrient-dense foods {10 Foods to Make you Feel Like a Superwoman}.

Tahini, a paste made from ground sesame seeds, is not considered a low calorie food, but don’t be afraid of it. Think of tahini as similar to nut butter that’s high in the good fats. We believe that nutrition plays a significant role in how fast we age and healthy fats equal healthy, glowing skin.

 Boozeflash: Tahini also contains methionine, which aids in liver detoxification {Ten Reasons to Eat Tahini} so keep dipping in the hummus while having those cocktails for the liver protection!

Yet another thing we love about this recipe is that we don’t go to the trouble of roasting whole beets; we use canned or pre-packaged. Fresh is always best, but the hours leading up to any gathering is no time for dealing with beet-stained hands and countertops when hosting. Your call!

For toppings, play to your crowd and the occasion. Sprinkle with whole parsley leaves for a pretty touch of green, a row of chia seeds for your yogi friends or edible flowers if feeling fancy.

beet hummus party dip

Viking Cooking School serving Milk Punch beet hummus at the premiere Beauty + Booze cocktail class!

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