Milk Punch Wellness Editor Germaine Benoit inspires us to eat clean and keeps us grounded.

Fresh from launching her own health blog, Nourished + Empowered, Germaine stopped by to tell us 27 things about her healthier holistic-based lifestyle. We air-popped some popcorn (her favorite snack) and opened a bottle of wine to chat—and celebrate!

Hometown: Houma, Louisiana

Current abode and your interior design style: I’ve been redoing my home in Jackson. Mid-century modern but with bright pops of color from the art and navy velvets.

Morning routine: Warm water with lemon followed by French press coffee. Depending on the day, I workout first thing in the morning. I set my intentions for the day and have prayer time and visualize about the goals.

Phin is all over you. Clearly, you’re a dog mom! Yes, I have Amos, he’s a lab and pitbull mix. Amos has the most anxiety of any dog I’ve ever met in my entire life. [laughs] I’m the protector! He’s the most loving and sweetest thing. He looks a white lab and so precious.

Last travel experience: I just got back from Maui and that was awesome. I did everything but learn to surf. I also love Nevis.

Top 3 wish list trips: Paris because I’ve never been and it keeps popping up, Banff in Canada in the summer to hike and dying to go to the island of Nihi Sumba in Indonesia.

Give us 3 Nola restaurant recommendations when friends ask: Maypop is my number one. I love their Creole and Asian infusion; the flavors are so delicious. One of my favorites on Magazine kinda off the beaten path is Mayas. It’s Caribbean and it’s ah-mazing. One of my new favorites is Paladar 151. For a fourth, Liuzas for traditional New Orleans—hole in the wall, red beans and rice, po-boys. It’s a dive and it’s awesome.

Guilty watching pleasure: I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I did get into The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel because of the fashion. My reality show guilty pleasures is Very Cavallari. We’ll make healthy versions of homemade pizzas and have wined watch it.

What’s your house wine? Comoloco. It’s a ten dollar Monastrell. Not a cute label, but it’s delicious.

Guilty listening pleasures: I think Milk Street is really fun, Doctor Death is really cool and Wine for Normal People.

Who are the health professionals you look up to and follow? Christa Orecchio…Donna Gates, the mother of the microbiome. She turned me onto the idea that nutrition can change the trajectory of your life. She’s in her seventies and has jet black hair, no grey. She changed her diet in her thirties and thinks it’s from not having any oxidative stress in her body.

Other than diet, what do you do to change the quality of your health? I change my water source. I have a Berkey to filter out all of the chemicals and flouride. I also really believe in getting direct sunlight on my body for 15 minutes a day. If you can, get it in the first hour of sunlight and don’t use sunglasses or contacts. Sun gaze basically. Essentially it engergizes the mitochondria, where you get your energy—even more than food.

Do you wear sunscreen? I do on my face but not at six in the morning. I wear a hat. Sunscreen stimulates your hormonal production for the rest of the day. I don’t wear it on my body when I’m working.

How clean is your makeup and skincare? I always say I’m 93 percent organic in skincare. I use a lot of Beautycounter and Jane Iredale makeup, all toxic and chemical free and more natural. My cleanser is Eminence. What’s not clean that I use on my face is Retin A and glycolic acid. I’m still teetering with natural alternatives.

Is fragrance out? I don’t use perfume anymore. It’s funny, I get compliments all the time on a room and body spray I use by Zum Body. It’s all natural and ten bucks.

Whole Foods run. What’s in your cart? Always sauerkraut and right now I’m obsessed with Cappellos almond flour pasta. It’s more similar to the taste and feel of regular pasta. I use that pasta as the clean-out and finish from the food prep from the rest of the week. It’s a game changer. [Germaine’s Top 10 Superfoods]

Cooking oils in your kitchen: I’m a big, firm believer in a letting vegetable oil and canola oil die, forever. And it’s in everything. I use ghee butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. They all have high smoke points so I can pretty much cook anything. I also use high quality olive oil for salad dressings.

How do you feel about mayonnaise? I love it! I always joke that if you see me in New Orleans, I’m having a fried shrimp po-boy with extra mayo—and a Barq’s root beer in a bottle. [Germaine’s 90/10 lifestyle philosophy]

How would you describe your personal style? Classic with a boho edge. Jeans and a tee and jacket. Casual, cool. I like some boots and a hat and low-key jewelry.

Where do you shop the most? I get the best shoes every season at Free People.

Your go-to denim: Rag & Bone all the way; they just fit the best. I’ve been wanting to try Madewell. For lower end, I really like Anthropologie’s Pilcro brand.

You’re more of a wine girl but if a cocktail, what will it be? Pimm’s Cup or a Sazerac.

You seem to be close with your sisters. I’m the oldest of three girls. All three of us went to a different SEC schools. I went to Ole Miss, Juliet went to LSU and Jenna went to Alabama.

Dream home situation: It has a front porch where I can sit and have my coffee in the morning and watch the sun rise, and has a back porch where I have my wine and watch the sun set. And it has a mossy oak in the front yard.

This is 27 Things because it’s “my number.” Do you have a Number you see? Yes, I have this thing for 11, 11. I feel like I see it every day. If you dig into it, it means angels are guiding you. Eleven, 11 and 444 pop up a lot for me. When I googled it, it meant you’re in harmony with the universe. You’re on the right path. Just trust it.

Favorite quote or mantra: I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I know it can, so I’m going to do what I can physically do and trust that what is meant to be will flow behind it.


Whole grain snack and a lil’ red wine. Cheers!