Snowed in with the wintertime blues?

Make snow day drinks!

That big pot of soup on the stove will warm hearts in the household but mama needs a cocktail, too!

While the bundled-up kiddos are out making snow angels and sledding down Indian Mounds, keep calm and cozy with one of these classic Snow Day Drinks.

Adult bourbon milkshake, anyone?

1Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch

Don’t forget frozen drinks with below-freezing temps outside. There’s something magical about the unusual seasonal pairing. For a blender cocktail with some serious Bourbon Street cred (an ode to this dessert drink), grab the vanilla ice cream and make Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch, inspired by Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House. Buzz outside to check on the snow bunnies, but be sure to hide any leftovers in the freezer; it’s boozy!

2Mulled Wine

At first frost, this warm toddy always has our hearts and takes us back to a snowy day in NYC every time. With bottles of wine on hand and a few pantry spices, you’ll be sipping Mulled Wine inspired by the beloved (but now-defunct) gastro pub, The Spotted Pig, in no time. This one is best cradled around the fireplace, of course.

3Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys are not just for brunch, it’s the daytime crisis mode go-to cocktail for a reason. Get your garnish on and set out a big Bloody Mary Bar spread. It will make playing backgammon or running backroads in a side by side a helluva lot more fun.

4 Espresso Martinis

Shaking cocktails while snowed-in is an activity all its own—and coffee cocktails make perfect Snow Day Drinks! It’s no surprise that the Espresso Martini makes any cocktail list at Milk Punch Media cause it’s a pick-me-up that always feels a little luxe yet super simple.


Assuming you’re well stocked with bottles of wine for the Snow Apocalypse, right? Then make sangria! Best made a day ahead so tomorrow’s cocktail will be chilled and pitcher perfect. Substitute the rosé with any dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc—and if the club soda has run dry, top sangria with Prosecco or brut Champagne. Cheers!